Haemodialysis cartridge

Cartridge Bio Carb G serves for an on-line preparation of the bicarbonate component for a dialysis solution. It contains powdered sodium bicarbonate (Ph. Eur. quality). Cartridge Bio Carb G is compatible with Gambro, B.Braun, Nikkiso, Althin and Baxter haemodialysis machines.

Benefits related to use of Bio Carb G:

  • Input and output port of the cartridge without perforation membranes for more comfortable connection and reduction of risks to HD monitor
  • Removable plastic caps for protection and hygienic manipulation after use
  • 2 filters (0,2 µm) to secure overall safety
  • Weight of the NaHCO3- filling 650g and 750g enables the option to customize according to the selected treatment
  • Polypropylethylene cartridges are recyclable and environment friendly


Patrona Bio Carb G