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MEDITES PHARMA is the only manufacturer of haemodialysis concentrates and the largest manufacturer of products for continual elimination methods in the Czech Republic.

MEDITES PHARMA has been around since 1992. Since its establishment, it has specialized in the production of concentrates for haemodialysis treatment, especially concentrates for bicarbonate dialysis. Advanced Renal Technologies, Inc. U.S.A. provided MEDITES PHARMA with an exclusive licence in 2008 to manufacture, distribute, sell and use CITRASATE®, an acidic haemodialysation solution. In the year 2014, MEDITES PHARMA started to produce BIC AF - acetate free haemodialysis concentrates. These concentrates represent yet a further step towards enhancing the characteristics of dialysis concentrates and, thus also, the characteristics of the dialysis solution prepared from these concentrates.  Another production programme, launched in 1997, focuses on the production of sterile haemodialysis solutions that are then filled into plastic bags. In the year 2002, MEDITES PHARMA introduced medicinal products for continual bicarbonate haemofiltration on the market under the trade names MEDISOL Bi0 and MEDISOL Bi4.  The current product assortment is made up of sterile medical devices (MEDITES PHARMA started their production programme as early as 2012).  These are, in particular, solutions for continuous haemodialysis with citrate anticoagulation. CITRASOL 4% and CITRASOL 0.5% (both anticoagulation solutions) and 12 types of calcium-free dialysis solutions referred to as MEXSOL were also gradually put on the market.

Since day one, these projects have gone hand in hand with the distribution of trade goods - medical devices produced by other manufacturers (bicarbonate cartridges at present).

MEDITES PHARMA uses its own lorries to distribute products and goods. The lorries are equipped with thermo-cabinets to ensure proper temperature conditions during transport and they have an inbuilt platform for loading and unloading.

Product quality assurance strictly follows Good Manufacturing Practice and is subject to regular inspections by the State Institute for Drug Control. MEDITES PHARMA is a proud holder of the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice for manufacturers.

MEDITES PHARMA has a documented and functional quality management system that runs in line with CSN EN ISO 13485:2016 and it holds product certificates for haemodialysis concentrates and sterile haemodialysis solutions.